Swankie Blankie

Born from the necessity to give parents items that were not only fun, but functional as well, Susie Grant, the founder of Swankie Blankie recognized that there was a specific need to have not only something unique and special, but also to have something that can go in to the washing machine and could stand the test of time.

Mom's today are all about multi-tasking while trying to be unique and Pippin McGee is committed to helping every mom do that. Staying on the go while looking fashionable has taken on a whole new meaning and Swankie Blankie has found the perfect way to fill that niche.

Swankie Blankie's products are full of great function while looking extremely cute and stylish and they just generally hold up well. Why have an ordinary bib when you can have one that has leopard print with a soft pink heart on it and your little girl's name monogrammed across the front. Both wash the same way and Swankie will most likely out last any ordinary bib, so why not have a fun, yet functional bib that expresses your personality and lets your little one stand out.

Swankie Blankie covers everything from receiving blankets, bibs, pillows to hooded towels. Not only extremely cute and incredibly stylish, but practical. You will easily fall in love with this line.